• Team

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    Tomohiro Takano

    Chief Executive Officer

    Yuta Matsuda

    Chief Operating Officer

    Kensuke Numakura

    Chief Technology Officer

    Takamasa Kudo

    Scientific Collaborator

    Kristina Chou

    Market Research (Japan office)

    Akiko Yoshida

    Science / Database Development Lead

  • Advisory

    Carlos Bustamante

    Principal Investigator (P.I.) at StanfordStanford's School of Medicine

    Andreas Stahl

    Professor & Chairman at University of California Berkeley, The Department of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology (NST)

    Hiroaki Kitano

    President and CEO of
    Sony Computer Science Laboratory

    Seth Bindernagel

    Growth marketing at Strava
    Digital marketing at Sequoia Capital

    D.A. Wallach

    Recording artist, songwriter, investor, actor, and essayist. Investor and advisor to SpaceX, Ripple, Emulate, and Spotify. Founder of Inevitable Ventures.

    Mya Thomae

    Regulatory Expert